5 Lessons Along the Way

Once a person has experienced victory of any kind with following Thin Within principles, it is pretty near IMPOSSIBLE to ever want to diet again for ANY reason. In fact, while I don’t believe Thin Within is the ONLY RIGHT WAY for everyone to find peace with food, eating, and body size, I do know that it is the ONLY way … for me.

As a Thin Within coach for the past 6 years, I have seen it all…people trying to combine Thin Within with everything else. Usually it is calorie counting and Weight Watcher’s point counting that gets “blended” with Thin Within. If “success” is measured in weight lost, they have ended up not doing either “successfully.”

Diets are famous in my world for restricting me. If, by 2:30pm I have used up all my points or calories for the day–even if I get hungry, then TOO bad. How is that compatible with Thin Within? It isn’t! I have never understood how someone could listen to their body’s signals of hunger and satisfaction and try to stay on a diet at the same time.

Before I disclose my “secret” explaining what my experiment entails (that will happen in the next post), I thought it might be helpful to share what God is teaching me during this experiment.

Lessons I am learning during my “experiment”:

  1. Nuts are tricky…the quantity of nuts I have been eating alone can explain a lot of my weight gain. When I look at the nutrition information of nuts, I see that I can do a lot of damage if I eat nuts without extreme caution. I would have told you that I eat nuts only when I am hungry. But now that I am paying closer attention, I see that this just isn’t so. Perhaps more than many dessert-type foods, nuts pack a wallop if they are eaten just even a bit outside of 0 and 5. I believe that cutting back on my nut intake is positively affecting my weight.
  2. I am too quick to say I am at a 0. By keeping close track of my hunger numbers whenever anything crosses my lips, I am lingering longer before feeding what I have called a 0 for far too long. I have found that have likely been pre-empting my 0.
  3. It is nice NOT to have camp meals served twice a day. My experiment has coincided with Michael being furloughed. We are living at camp, but there are no more camp meals served at set times. We are now making our own meals and I eat only when I am ready instead of according to the schedule at camp. Where as before, I sometimes got hungry in the middle of the morning, ate something, and then the lunch bell would ring when I wasn’t hungry yet, but I would go to the dining hall and eat. Scheduled meals twice a day messed with my head for many reasons.
  4. I would rather eat my energy than drink it. If you think about it at all, this one seems obvious: Drinking a sugared beverage 0 to 5 doesn’t work like eating food. The beverage doesn’t take any time at all to go through one’s system and then you are left with the sugar being absorbed with no “staying power” like food offers. I am back to drinking bubbly water without anything added but the carbonation or an occasional diet drink. There is NOTHING about drinking a regular soda at 0 that “works” in the intuitive eating/Thin Within realm. So, no more drinking my energy like that unless maybe a little with a meal.
  5. The scale lies – I have known this for forever, but it continues to be demonstrated each day. As a coach, I have seen people conclude that if they overeat one day, the next morning the weight gain is fat weight. This just isn’t true. With me, I have seen the scale go up and down without much regard for the last 24 hours. S’mores last night after dinner…a special occasion I afforded myself, and the scale dropped. The day before, keeping a tight rein on my eating and the scale nudged up. This is one reason why I have encouraged my clients to GET OFF THE SCALE!

I am sure there will be many more lessons during this month-long experiment (which I already have a feeling God will lead me to continue through July).

In the next blog post, I plan to share the details of what I am doing that is working for my unique situation. That being said, I don’t recommend what I am doing for ANY of my clients or participants in any of our coaching groups. 🙂


  1. Heidi, thank you so much for your continued transparency. I am praying for you in your experiment. He is doing a new thing with me too!


  2. Candy is culprit for me. One candy fine, a handful not.
    A glass of wine has the same calorie count as a ham sandwich yet eating a ham sandwich gets me to 5 when a glass of wine doesn’t.
    There are little nuances that need attention.


    • Yes, Deb! Exactly! Those glasses of wine are deceptive in more ways than we know! I am beginning to see that things like what you mention in your comment are part of phase 2, discernment. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  3. This is so timely for me! I am always AMAZED at God’s many reminders to me- that EVERYTHING on my path is simply part of my journey. Even when I don’t understand WHY certain circumstances have to come my way, as I look back, I see how the parts fit together perfectly. The more this happens, the stronger I become and the stronger my faith in Him becomes. NONE OF MY STEPS, since I’ve been IN CHRIST, have been wasted! I think of this fact as I read these blogs, in your latest chapter, Heidi. God is using you AGAIN, yet in a way He hasn’t before…and those of us following along are very grateful. Thank you, Heidi, for allowing Him to use you, to encourage us! And, thank You, God, for allowing me to be right here, taking my next steps, with Heidi. Continue to strengthen her, to guide her and to use her!
    LOVE YOU Heidi!


    • Wow, Molly. Thank you for all your wonderfully kind words. And I love that it is true. God wastes absolutely nothing. It continues to blow my mind that God can use our slips, stumbles and falls to encourage others. We think failure has the last word, but that is a lie from the pit. Instead, it can be our teacher, equipping us for victory going forward. Welcome on along! Love you right back!


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