But what if I can’t change?

Last week, my sweet “lil’ sister” and bestest bestie came for a visit with her kids (ages 20, 18, and 14). We had a house FULL of fun and food! Foods that I don’t ordinarily have in my house were in abundance! There were s’mores by the fire, dove chocolates, sour gummy worms, just to mention a few of the possibilities. I am pleased to say that I followed my boundaries about 90% of the time. But I had renewed my mind in advance about it, too. That makes all the difference in the world!

I don’t think we can really be transformed without a VITAL additional step in our eating strategies. If you have not been victorious in your Thin Within efforts or have been successful in losing weight and gained your weight back again, consider this:

Romans 12:2 says “Be transformed …” How? “…by the renewing of your mind.

Does that mean more bible reading and prayer? Well, I don’t know about you, but I spent years reading my bible and praying and I wasn’t transformed. So, since transformation will happen only by renewing my mind, it stands to reason that I will want to figure out what renewing my mind actually looks like and DO it! This is a piece many of us fail to practice. To be honest, when I am struggling the most, all I need to do is look to see if I have been renewing my mind or not. Typically, I haven’t been. It takes effort and seems like it wouldn’t be as effective as doing another 30 minutes on the treadmill. (No thank you!)

But, again, transformation comes by the renewing of my mind, not by more time on the treadmill or by eating less food.

Why? Because renewing my mind actually changes the way I think. My desires change.

The honeymoon is over for me with my experiment. It is no longer fun. I am now reminded that the jet fuel to eating 0 to 5 and enjoying it is in what I do with my mind.

Lord, right now, I ask you to come and sit with me just a moment. Please help me to see lies that I believe about my eating and tear them down. Please, by your Spirit, speak Your Truth to my heart and wash my mind. I want Your beautiful Truth that will target each of the lies that I believe so that I might be eager and willing to continue to eat 0 to 5 for all my life, starting with the rest of this one-month experiment.

Lord, What is True?

What is true is…

  • My body is very efficient! It doesn’t need much food to have the energy it needs to go through the day.
  • I am a cheap date! I can eat so little, yet be satisfied so hubby and I can share meals. It cuts the cost of our groceries significantly! (Maybe by 1/3rd!)
  • I feel best when I haven’t filled my stomach up too much. My steps seem lighter and I can do the things I love even immediately following a meal when I have stayed in my boundaries.
  • My body is not my own to do with as I please and so eating within my boundaries is a wonderful way to care for the temple of the Holy Spirit that has been entrusted to my care.
  • As I release the extra weight I carry, even one pound at a time over the long haul, my joints will be so grateful. I will be more able to do the things I love!
  • Saying “no” to the bite I don’t need exercises my “self-control” muscles and also helps me to be physically healthier.
  • Eating will not be a stronghold in my life that hinders me from intimacy with the Lord.
  • God created my body to have certain needs: for sleep, for food, for water…any more or any less than what I need is not honoring to Him, the Giver of every good and perfect gift.
  • He uses my body’s signals to tell me what I need.
  • When I eat 0 to 5, I can eat any food in moderation and still experience weight coming off my body. Even during this difficult season when my digestion is compromised.

These are targeted truths that the Lord has given me as I have listened to Him quietly. His Spirit is in me. He says that His sheep know His voice, so it stands to reason that these are the truths that He has for me to renew my mind with. As I do this, I will experience changes in my desires, changes in my beliefs and changes in my actions. I will, with joy, wait for 0 and stop eating when my body no longer needs any food. And there are so many more Truths where these come from.

I still haven’t shared here what I am actually doing differently relative to my eating, but it occurred to me that, today, time would be better spent renewing my mind.

I tell myself what to think all the time. Might as well tell myself what is TRUE. I will act on what I believe, so if I tell myself the bulleted list above again and again, I am more likely to act on these as true. They are true because God said they are for me!

What about you? What is true for you? You can ask the Lord to show you what lies you believe and what His targeted truth is for you that you can speak to your soul again and again. Over time, you, too, will believe it. Your desires will change and you will want to live according to what you believe. It really is the secret sauce and the single best way to refute the claim “But what if I can’t change!?”


  1. Heidi, may I use this comment opportunity to write down how this is making me feel? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I used to get a euphoric feeling, like when I’d start to feel like I was “on my way DOWN” on the scale..you know, having a great week, actually seeing the scale go down a lb or 2? I would get cocky and within 2-3 meals, I’d be on my way UP the scale again. On the other hand, if I weighed and saw the number go UP when I think it should have gone DOWN, I’d get depressed and just give up, for a day, or two or three. Then, I would start all over with the same ole cycle I’d been on for a very long time.

    I’m speaking in the PAST tense because, about 3 months ago, I forced myself to stop weighing every day…and I can’t tell you how free I feel. After 2 months off the scale, I did weigh when I went to the doctor. I didn’t look but they handed me an office visit summary and I just glanced at it and the NUMBER just popped off the page!….. and I hadn’t lost an ounce…but I hadn’t gained any either. I was a little depressed about that but because of the seeds God had planted in me during those 2 months, I was able to move on more quickly than usual.

    I’d had 2 months of FREEDOM from the pressure that always comes from riding the “WEIGHING DAILY” rollercoaster. What had I done differently during those 2 months(1440 hours!) of not weighing? Well, what I wasn’t doing was expending emotional energy clawing my way out of the pit which I fell into every time the number on the scale wasn’t to my liking; So, then, I was emotionally strong enough to focus on God more quickly. I was able to wake up and march to my “spot” on my porch(NOT THE SCALE) very first thing every morning. Then I would start the day in a good place, renewing my mind. That’s about all I concerned myself with for those 2 months. The rest of the day didn’t always go perfectly (obviously, OR I would have lost weight) BUT, it’s a start…and now, it’s a habit. I’m hoping to keep on developing good habits like this…planning another 1-2 times of mind renewal into EVERY day. Maybe I’ll start with just ONE MORE. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a step in the right direction. It’s a process. I’m learning to forgive myself, to stop beating myself up and to simply ENJOY the JOY HE brings TO MY MIND through time spent with Him.

    Another thing I know is this….my lies and my truths don’t always look like anybody else’s truths and lies. I’ve wasted a lot of time comparing myself to everybody else. It makes me MAD to think of the time I’ve wasted doing that. I think I’ll work on putting that old energy into renewing my mind more often.

    Sorry for this rambling “comment”– writing is another way to renew my mind. That’s really why I wanted to comment on Heidi’s (always inspiring) post. It’s done me good and maybe it’ll help somebody else??

    Thanks for the opportunity to pour all of this out!


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