I left my training wheels behind for a week while I visited my daughter in the Chicago area. It felt SO good and SO freeing … and authentic… to let go and trust!

The five weeks or so that I diligently used the training wheels–the scale and tracking my 0 to 5–I experienced a re-calibration of sorts. It feels like I have come home now–after a LONG hiatus!–I am rejoicing!

And…when I DID get back on the scale today, it said I had released a total of over 16 pounds since I began this in early June. I did get my hair cut while away for almost a week, so maybe a couple of pounds is hair. 😜 But nevertheless, things went the correct direction!

Check it out on the “tracker.”

I won’t be tracking anything about my 0 to 5 any more unless I find I once again need the accountability. I will likely continue to use the scale for a reality test for a while, but routinely do what Christina and I encourage our participants in Thin Within and Fresh Wind Fresh Desire coaching groups to do… to lay the scale before the Lord in my time with Him. Accuse it. Rail against it. Praise it … whatever is legit from my perspective. And finally, ask Him what His thoughts are about it. Ask Him what He wants me to do with it.

And do it.

In all my dieting days followed by twenty years of Thin Within, this is the first time I can honestly say that the scale has helped. But I know that it’s days are limited.

I am free!

I am flying!

Thank you, Lord!

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