Day 2 Making Space for God

Do not be afraid, for I am your shield, your very great reward.

Genesis 15:1

My dear friend and prayer partner shared a prayer this morning in text with me…in her prayer, a line really jumped out at me and I have been spending time with God on it this morning:

“I want my life to become a series of letting go moments.


After I received that text, in my Soul Time App (I highly recommend the paid version), the meditation for today was on the same theme…letting go…”making space.” As I let go, or make space in my life, as I experience my series of “Letting Go Moments,” something wonderful happens (even with tears that come with surrendering something I want to hold on to)…Jesus floods the space that has been made with His Presence, His Power.

Making space in my life through a series of “Letting Go Moments,” opens my life UP…to HIM.

I choose to let go of hurts, expectations, longings I have. Even those that seem to be godly desires. If the timing for the godly desires to be realized isn’t now, then to insist upon it is to covet something that is NOT God’s assigned portion for me.

What do I need to let go of today, Lord? May this time be a short series in a long series of Letting Go Moments right now…

  • My sense of failure with eating before bed last night comes to mind. Lord, I let go of that. I can’t hate myself into positive change. How do you want to redeem that failure, Lord? What do you have for me instead? Oh…You are right, Lord. It was the end of the longest day of my week. You have new ways of approaching the end of the longest day of my week. You want me to sit with you after my last call ends at 8:30pm on Tuesday night. You want me to let go of my way of “rewarding” myself for a long day. YOU are my “very great Reward.”
  • My deep longing for a church family comes to mind. This is a godly desire, Lord…but the timing for this isn’t now. I choose to let go of this desire, Lord. I turn to you to fill the emptiness in my heart that you previously filled with church friends, church activities, worship team, bible studies…oh! SUCH JOY! Please flood the space made as I let go. But if I hang on to my sadness, I keep my heart full… of heartache. I do grieve the loss of my church family and it is good and godly to do so, but I choose to let the longing and sadness go, too…it has been 15 months! It is TIME! Thank you, Jesus, for the peace that even now fills my heart. YOUR peace, YOUR Presence.
  • I have a deep longing for in-person girlfriends who I can give and get hugs from, laugh and cry with. Lord, this is another good and godly longing, but the timing isn’t now. You aren’t calling me away from friends and church family. You are calling me TO a deeper intimacy with You.

Lord, thank you that as I choose by your mercy and grace and Your Spirit at work in me, to let go, let go, and to let go again, the space made in my life is filled with you.

Let today be filled with what my dear sister, Christina, referred to as a series of Letting Go Moments.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen.

How About You?

What comes to mind today as you consider offering your life to God as a series of “Letting Go Moments?” Share with us in the comments, if you like!

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